Providing positive encouragement
                                                                                            for seat belt and vehicle safety.
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Our Story


If you peer into the depths – even to the farthest recesses of our souls – you still could not find this nightmare. Even the unconscious parts of us could not bear to form the picture. And yet it came.

It was so early in the morning that it still felt like night. The dog barked, then the doorbell rang. Light from a flashlight was coming through the windows at the front door. When we opened the door we saw the badge and the hat. Much of what happened in the moments and days afterward is still a fog.  (Read more.)

 No Seat Belt - No Chance

Alexa had been driving down the interstate. She was doing what Alexa often did – going to help a friend. She somehow lost control of her truck. She was not wearing her seat belt, and was ejected as the truck rolled several times. She was killed instantly. Alexa was just nineteen years old.  (Learn about our mission.)

 A New Mission Begins...

And so this mission was planted in our hearts: to provide positive encouragement for seat belt and vehicle safety. Our programs emphasize the importance of seat belt safety and driver awareness in engaging and interactive events. 

 Want us to keep you updated?

Please keep me posted on your story and mission!


We want you to wear your seat belts. Our “Alexa’s Hugs” seat belt wraps are a visual reminder to buckle up every time you get in the car - plus they are fashionable and fun! When you buckle up and feel the seat belt across your chest and around your waist, we hope you’ll think of a hug from a loved one. They want you safe. We want you safe.  (What are our hopes for you?)
We Need Your Help!

We can't do all that we do without your funding and support.  As a new organization, our need is great.  Knowing that more than 32,000 people die annually in traffic accidents brings urgency to our mission.  We know that we can't prevent every accident, but we are confident we can make a significant difference through positive encouragement.

Your gift today could help save a life tomorrow.

 Celebrate Life!

We are not so foolish as to think we can stop every other family from suffering such a tragic loss.  But what if our efforts save just one person?  Would that one life be worth all this effort?  What if ten or twenty people decide to put their seat belt on and wear Alexa’s Hug?  Might there be hundreds, or even thousands of you who will celebrate graduations, or weddings, or birthdays, or births of babies because you wore your seat belt?  Of these joyful moments we can only dream, and sigh, and say, “I really hope so.”

Seat Belt Safety - Our Plan in Action!

In addition to creating seat belt Hugs to inspire seat belt usage, we have many other projects to further our mission.

Safety Events - We organize and participate in safety events to educate people of all ages about vehicle safety.

CLICK it to WIN it! - Members of our facebook group "Alexa's Hugs of Northern Colorado" can enter photos showing seat belt usage and win prizes  Contact us if you'd like to implement a similar program in your area!

Seat Belt Challenge - Four schools are participating in our first-annual Seat Belt Challenge.  Student-to-student messaging will be used to encourage peers to buckle up, put the distractions away, and drive safely.

Design Your Own Hug - Kids who participate in this fun contest can create their own personal designs for our seat belt Hugs.  Entrants who receive the most votes in our facebook group receive custom-made Hugs with their own design!
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